Physicians are finding profit margins shrinking. In order to remain in business into the 21st century physicians will have to adopt more efficient business practices. Integrity Medical Systems is prepared to assist health care providers with sound business practices that will guarantee success due to out personal approach to busines. At Integrity Medical Systems we are focused on collecting the maximum revenue for our providers as fast as possible while helping to alleviate costs and hassle for their practice. Integrity Medical Systems is a multi-specialty medical billing service dedicated to reducing your receivables. We work with our providers and their staff to insure HIPAA compliance, improve your billing operation, relieve office personnel of billing duties, and to obtain a fair equitable return for services to patients.

Do you know how many patients you saw have been billed out?
When we took over billing for many of the practices, we found that doctors had no idea how many patients they saw and how many were billed out. They would mark the superbill and give it to the staff, many of these won’t make it to the biller, lost in transit etc. etc. There were no reports which could indicate if a patient was seen in the office has been billed out.

The Integrity Difference
We can tell you exactly how many patients that were seen in the practice have been billed out. You will see a running list of “To Be Billed” patients if we have not received either the electronic or paper super bill. You work hard in treating your patients. Why leave money on the table for Big Insurance??

Does your billing person talk to you?
and we are not talking about the weather. Medical billing is not just about entering codes and sending the claims. In the current environment, the biller and providers have to work together closely to make sure the provider is being reimbursed the maximum possible amount for the services they render to patients.

The Integrity Difference

  • We provide you with a dedicated account manager who is available when you are.
  • Weekly/Monthly conference callsto analyse your superbills, collections, AR

Which was the last report you saw ?
Providers are busy taking care of patients and leave all their Revenue Cycle Management to their Billers / Administrator / Billing companies. At the most, they will see an A/R report and some sort of revenue report once in a while. We believe in full transparency. It is your practice and you should know all the important numbers to run it profitably.

The Integrity Medical Systems Difference!
We provide you with summary and detailed report via E-mail / Fax so you can have them when you want it, where you want it.

Graphical / Summary / Detailed analysis of CPT so you can track your productivity.

Graphical / Summary / Detailed analysis of Insurance re-imbursement so you can negotiate better terms with Insurance companies.

Summary / Detailed report of aging (AR)

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